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Your Instructor Diving Course with the club thailand diving In Thailand


Instructor 1*

Instructor 2*

Instructor 3*


"Become a Scuba Instructor"

(The Dream)

The training team offers specific support, which, beyond the preparation of examination papers, develop a plan with you training to be a monitor:


-Choice of equipment, use of automated filling station, organization of meetings and workshops ...

-Pedagogy courses will be taught under the supervision of a qualified instructor CMAS. So you can be confronted with the realities on the ground, but also trained in assessments that await you.


An awareness-home customers, the sale of diving to different audiences:


individualdevenir moniteur de plongee











For teachers who are already working in the global diving industry ,

CMAS stands for organization and professionalism, and many young graduates to start their dream career in a CMAS diving center .

New instructors grass on the possibility of becoming monitor only a few hours by plane from Europe for a reasonable price and a destination where the sun is guaranteed, Thailand.

Our courses will be led by Bruno Mahieu , a dynamic director who works in Thailand for many years and offers , with the support of our staff, courses in English and French language course.

Courses will take place according to the dates of exams instructors (IE) published on the site.

Our internal training program , which aims to train a novice diver to

monitor level , will also be held in conjunction with the IDC training sessions , creating an ideal platform for training for those who wish to become professionals in one of the best dive operators in the world.


Description courte


Your Instructor Diving Course with the club thailand diving In Thailand

Instructor 1*

The love of diving:

"The advantage is that I do something I love. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who dive, who like scuba diving and share with others who themselves become divers who already are. So what work could be better than this! "

  - David O'Donnell


Instructor 2*

Life style :

"I have the best job in the world. I can go to work in shorts and T-shirt, I'm relaxed all day and I'm wearing sandals - what a wonderful job."

- Nick Jenny


Instructor 3*

Opportunity to teach:

"It is for me a great opportunity to meet many people and see someone I begin and progress to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Divemaster or even Instructor. Nothing is more rewarding." 

- Rick Newton

Date d'ouverture : Toute l'année

Jours d'activité : Lundi / Mardi / Mercredi / Jeudi / Vendredi / Samedi / Dimanche

Documents indispensables : licence et certificat médical

Equipement necessaire : Rien, tout est disponible

Nombre de bateaux : 5

Chargement bouteille : Bouteille sur le bateau

Douche : Oui

Vestiaire : Oui

Salle de formation : Oui

Parking : Oui

Niveau requis : debutant

Nombre de sites de plongée : 50

Durée moyenne d'accès aux sites de plongée : 45

Les plus belles plongées : similans

Type de plongée : corail et epaves

Faune flore : requin, raie manta, tortue et autres

Gonflage : Air, Nitrox et Trimix

Service après vente : oui

Vente par correspondance : oui

Formation : débutant a moniteur

Possibilité d'hébergement et de transport : oui

Prix moyen d'une plongée : 45

Prix moyen de location d un équipement complet : 10

Prix pour 10 plongées : 400

Remise pour les plongeurs se présentant de la part de Plongée On Line : 20%

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